Kaitlin &

June 18, 2016 Abino Bay, Ontario, Canada

Our Wedding

Bay Beach has been a special place for Brendan's family for a long time, and a wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce one family to the other family’s traditions.

Brendan's grandmother, Ginger "GG" Heussler, spent her childhood in the house where she and her husband, Bud "Boppa" Heussler, now spend their summers. Brendan's father also spent his summers here, which played a large role in him meeting his wife, who was across the lake in New York. Keeping with tradition, Brendan and his brother spent time during their summers "at the beach." Finally, Brendan brought Kaitlin to Bay Beach after they had been dating for 4.5 years.

After getting engaged, Brendan and Kaitlin sought a meaningful place to exchange their vows and decided that Bay Beach was such a special place to Brendan -- and now Kaitlin -- that they would invite both families to come together and enjoy everything that it has to offer.

After deciding on the location and picking a reception venue, they also found out that the chapel nearby (where the ceremony will be held) is the same chapel where Brendan, his brother, and his father were all baptized. Brendan's grandparents still attend this chapel every Sunday during their summers there, and his grandfather sings in the choir. This was the perfect last piece to the puzzle: Brendan and Kaitlin knew that this was where they should be married.


5:00 PM
Holloway Memorial Chapel
1025 Point Abino Rd S, Ridgeway, ON L0S 1N0, Canada


6:00 PM
Buffalo Canoe Club
4475 Erie Rd, Ridgeway, ON L0S 1N0, Canada Attire: Cocktail

Other Events

Rehearsal Dinner

5:30 PM Friday, June 17, 2015
Buffalo Yacht Club, Point Abino Station
1007 Point Abino Rd S, Ridgeway, ON L0S 1N0, Canada

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Rooms are being held at a discounted rate at two hotels nearby. To receive the special rate, mention the Heussler/Kehl wedding when booking your room.

The Clarion Hotel

The Clarion is located about 10-15 minutes from the wedding venues. Rooms are single/double occupancy with a small fee for additional guests. Rooms are being held for Friday and Saturday night.

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Crystal Beach Motel

The Crystal Beach Motel offers basic amenities in a variety of room sizes including two suites. It is close to the wedding venues, offers beach access, and is walking distance to shops and restaurants.

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The closest airport is Buffalo Niagara International Airport. It is 15 minutes from the U.S./Canadian border at the Peace Bridge. Once you are over the border, the venue itself is another 20 minutes. The Niagara Airbus provides a shuttle bus service from the Buffalo Airport to Fort Erie, Canada. Bridge traffic can vary, so please allow time to cross the border. The Peace Bridge Authority provides real-time data for traffic wait times.

The Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is an hour and a half drive from the wedding venues. Toronto offers more direct flights from major cities and you would go through customs at the airport.

U.S. and Canadian currencies are accepted at the toll at the Canadian Border as well as EZ Pass. U.S. currency is accepted at most stores and restaurants in the area, but usually not at par.


Everyone crossing the Canadian border is required to carry a passport, regardless of age.

Things to Do

Niagara Falls

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls is a 20-minute drive from the Clarion Hotel. If you have time (or if you're a gambler!), the world-class attraction is worth a visit.

Bay Beach

If you are a beach goer, then you will be able to enjoy beautiful Bay Beach. Spend the day lounging on the Caribbean rated white sandy beach or go for a swim in the clear, fresh water.


Kaitlin and Brendan will be moving cross-country shortly after the wedding. If you would like to give them a gift, they would greatly appreciate a gift card to help them get started with their new life on the West Coast.